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Interview Pointers
Interview Do’s & Don’t’s
Interview Tips that Help Get You a Job
“Dirty Dozen”
More Typical Interview Questions
   Work Experience
   Job Related Questions
   Personal Qualities
   Hobbies/Outside Activities
Dressing Appropriately
Winning and Losing Questions
   Winning Questions
   Losing Questions
Interview Follow-Up
Sample Follow-Up Letter
Sample Follow-Up Call
Overview: Preparing for the Interview

One on One Interview

Interview Pointers

Did you know...
     that “the interview is a mutual exchange of information between an employer and a candidate for a position”.
     (Cited from www.cdm.uwaterloo.ca)

Interview Pointer


  • To provide information about your skills, experience and other relevant data that is not in your resume.
  • To develop a rapport and establish a good sense of character with the interviewers.
  • To reveal how you articulate your knowledge about the position.
  • To permit the employer an opportunity to assess your attitudes in terms of the company’s philosophy, goals, objectives and needs.
  • To determine if you are the “right match” for the position.
  • To give you an opportunity to assess the employer and position by obtaining other information about the position.


Telephone Interview
An interview conducted over the telephone. It may be one on one or it could be much like a conference call with two or three interviewers asking questions. If this is a surprise, ask the person to call back in 15 minutes. This will allow you to update yourself on certain aspects of the position.

One on One Interview
This is where there is one interviewer speaking with one candidate.

Panel or Board Interview
This is done with two or more persons. Keep good eye contact with the person asking questions but remember to look at the others as well.

Structured Interview
Every person is asked the same questions. The interviewers write down the answers given and then compare each answer when the interviews are finished.

Second Interview
Sometimes after the first interview, the interviewers short-list candidates for the position. They then bring back “x” number of candidates for a more in depth interview and/or perhaps to have the candidate perform tasks that will prove their competence for the position.

  • Be Prepared!
  • Know your worth and value and relate how you would benefit the employer.
  • Review your resume and cover letter to keep abreast of how you communicated the information that got you the interview.
  • Express your accomplishments, desire and commitment to working.
  • Be clear about how you have updated your skills and acquired experience in the field of work whether it be through success or challenging efforts.
  • Be familiar with the organization that you have applied to and what they are all about. This way you will be better informed as to how to answer their questions.
  • Be prepared for all types of questions, the purpose behind them and how you will answer them.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear what people wear “on the job” to “fit” the position.
  • Be clean and neat.
  • Use the motto “BE PREPARED

Be on Time:
About 10 – 15 minutes early
It reduces anxiety

Be Friendly and Courteous
Be friendly and courteous to everyone

Be Prepared for Questions
Review and develop questions that may be asked and prepare answers for them so that you are ready to answer in a comfortable confident manner.

Be Positive
Demonstrate a positive attitude.

Be Believable
The tone in which you answer questions is as important as what you say.
Be sure not to talk too much. 50% is a good rule.
Interview Information page three Interview Information page two Interview Information page one
Did You Know?
There is a general minimum wage rate of at least $6.85 an hour that applies to domestic workers, 18 years of age or older.
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